Membership – Benefits and Opportunities
Being a Member of Tas ARABs has a number of benefits:
Ability to join the committee and influence the way the
club is run, discounted entry fees for Tas ARABs shows and events (for example 20% discount
off "A" class show entry fees (excluding specialty classes). Opportunity to nominate participate in the annual futurity program. In addition, club members are entitled to advertise registered Purebred & Derivative horses for sale on this website.

Types of Membership

Single Membership
As the name implies, this membership covers just one person. You don’t have to be single to
take this one out! But no-one else is covered by the insurance or can receive membership benefits.

Stud/Family/Partnership/Company Membership
These used to be different categories, but to simplify things they have been rolled together
as one category. Under this membership one person is covered by insurance.
Additional people can be covered 

named people can participate in club events.

Competition Membership
Competition membership is available either as a Single Day Competition Member or an Annual Competition Member, these memberships do not include event discounts or voting rights but cover you for third party liability at our clubs events.

What Tas ARABs Membership doesn’t cover
Personal Liability insurance!!
If you are a member of the AHSA then you have personal liability insurance cover.
If not, and you want coverage at all AHSA affiliated events you can pay $30 for a year
insurance cover for AHSA affiliated shows and AHSA approved events.

What is the "Futurity" and why would I enter?
The Futurity is a special event for yearlings held at the Tas Arabs January show.  There are two
classes, one for purebred Arabians and one for Derivatives.  Entry fees from all of the yearlings
entered in a particular class are pooled and divided up amongst the place getters - so the
more entries the bigger the potential prize!  The Futurity is also a very prestigious event to win
and something that breeders hold in high esteem. 

The other thing that makes the Futurity different to regular classes is that all entrants must be
nominated and an initial payment made BEFORE the foal is born.  So its a bit of a gamble that
can pay off handsomely!  The first payment is due by 31 July and then subsequent installments
are made leading up to the show.  You can stop making payments at any time, but you
cannot enter a horse unless the full fee has been paid. 

So if you think you could be breeding a beautiful foal, why not enter the futurity 
and see how you go at the January show!

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